Frequency Synthesizer with battery.

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    Brief Description  

    The F-SCAN MOBILE NT DUO is based on the F-SCAN MOBILE NT. It also offers mobility and comfort. This device has an inbuilt second signal generator and the sine wave can be adjusted. All settings and commands are entered with the display pen on the colored touch screen. The device has a multi signal output port for sine wave, adjustable square waves (full wave and dc-offset), smart wave.  All connectors supporting applications are accessible from the front.The F-SCAN MOBILE NT DUO is operated from a recharcheable Lithium Ion battery. The operation time with one charge is approximately 4 hours.

    Product highlights

    • Fast reaction to commands entered on the capacitive touch screen.
    • DIRP analysis function with graphic display of results.
    • Multi-signal OUTPUT port for sine- and square wave signals and smart wave.
    • Dedicated DUO output for two channel applications such like Frequency Specific Microcurrent FSM .
    • Feature to assign amplitudes to square and sine wave signals as a function of the frequency value.
    • Feature to store 100 data sets of up to 50 frequency values, with their settings, plus a related set of DIRP results with each data set – if applicable - store 100 data sets of up to 25 frequency pairs for DUO applications.
    • Icon "DUO" for dual channel applications
    • Additional 100 memories for DUO protocols independent from single channel memory
    • CONTINUE: with the continue feature, you can queue as many of protocols as you like. Just place the CONT instruction at the end of a protocol and let the machine know which program has to follow.
    • Higher output current for each channel.
    • PROTECT button to avoid accidental modification of protocols
    • DUO protocols can be memorized and recalled from ChipCard without interfering the standard single channel programs
    • Single protocols can be selected to be copied from the standard ChipCard into the device so that not the entire memory need to be loaded.
    • Features to select individually: WOBBLE, SWEEP, AMPLITUDE.
    • Frequency range and step size for DIRP and SWEEP defined by the user.
    • Operating range for sine wave signals 0.01 Hz to 3 MHz (3'000'000 Hz).
    • Operating range for square wave signals 0.01 Hz to 100 kHz (100'000 Hz).
    • Operating range for sine waves in DUO mode at DUO output (=PP connector).
    • Individual runtime can be assigned to each frequency value.
    • Individual library function with up to 460 entries.
    • „Soft ramping“ when switching from one frequency value to the next to avoid discharge phenomena.
    • Intelligent AUTO-R function - this function adjusts the signal strength fully automatically when enabled.
    • Multi-signal OUTPUT port. All signal forms are available on this port. The device switches automatically to square wave signals if the frequency value output is below 65’000 Hz and to sine wave signals for frequency values above 65’000 Hz. The user can override this assignment at any time with a touch on the wave form icon on the display.
    • Program windows selectable from the touch screen display
    • The 3 main program windows open at the touch of their header. Each offers settings and functions to change, select or start with a touch. It does not take long to learn their use. A detailed instruction manual is shipped with the device. Default values preset at the factory settings for common applications support a quick start.
    • Display VGA 480 * 272 pixels
    • Dimensions:  138mm * 90mm * 27mm


    • Two channel applications with included special cable for DUO mode.
    • The special wave form SMART combines the main wave with a high frequency for best efficiency.
    • The ChipCard makes simple data exchange with F-SCAN COMPACT possible.
    • The ChipCard PLUS makes simple and fast data exchange between F-SCAN MOBILE NT and F-SCAN3 possible.

    Shipping list for F‑SCAN MOBILE

    • Wall charger.
    • Pair of stainless steel cylinders.
    • Finger sensor.
    • Two sets of gel pad electrodes (sticky pads).
    • Application cable FTB308 for handholds & gel pad electrodes.
    • Application cable FTB033 for DUO applications.
    • USB cable.
    • Instruction manual.


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    F-SCAN F-SCAN MOBILE NT DUO F-SCAN MOBILE NT DUO Frequency Synthesizer with battery. Product #: FTB133
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