All F-SCAN models are equipped with a serial communications port. If connected to a PC or Notebook, which has the software F-SCANT installed, the devices can be remotely controlled and operated. Computer display, keyboard and mouse substitute the input means of the devices. The F‑SCANT software offers functions to manage customer data and frequency lists, also comfortable search functions and tools to edit and analyse DIRP results. The computer adds its capability to print data and its almost unlimited storage capacity as a most welcome side effect.


     An on-screen info area provides a brief description of each active area of the program window when it is touched by the mouse pointer.

    • Frequency lists from other sources (i.e. CAFL), and home made ones, can be imported into the software to broaden the data base to select applications from.
    • A search function helps to identify items on all lists available if a frequency or a name is input as base for the search. Search results can be selected individually - or assembled as a group - for application.
    • Results from several DIRP runs (DIRP-Layer) can be displayed simultaneously for comparison purposes. Each layer uses a different colour (not possible with the F-SCAN COMPACT).
    • All data can be printed on the system printer.
    • An application prepared within the software can be transferred to an F-SCAN COMPACT attached to the system.
    • The command “Read data from device” displays the content of the operating memory of an F-SCAN COMPACT attached to the system.
    • Each step of a DIRP analysis can be displayed with its data and corrections made if wanted. All steps of the DIRP analysis are shown in a table (not possible with the F-SCAN COMPACT).
    • Zoom-functions may be used to evaluate the results of a DIRP-analysis (not possible with the F-SCAN COMPACT).
    • The run-time remaining for a DIRP analysis or an application is displayed (not possible with the F-SCAN COMPACT).
    • Client data can be stored conveniently or send to the system printer.


    F‑SCAN MOBILE, F-SCAN3, F-SCAN4 and F-SCAN COMPACT connect to a PC or Notebook with the USB cable shipped with the devices. The F-SCANT software searches for an F-SCAN device and connects to it automatically.

    License FTB318 for each device necessary. For customers who order this license code without device subsequently: On order, you need to make a note of the serial number of your device on checkout so that we can provide you with the correct F-CODE by e-mail.

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    Windows 10 compatible




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    Software Software F-SCANT V3.x license Software F-SCANT V3.x license Control of F-SCAN COMPACT, F-SCAN MOBILE and F-FSCAN3 via Computer with Windows OS. Product #: FTB318
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