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F-SCAN 4 now shipping


We are proud to announce our latest product F-SCAN4.  


  • Adjustable amplitudes for SQUARE and SINE wave signals
  • OSCA – the new standard
  • DIRP for standard scans
  • SUB SCAN mode for specific scans
  • Individual settings can be assigned to each frequency value used in an application:
    • Amplitude of SQUARE wave signal
    • WOBBLE with individual setting of the band width around the target frequency
    • ENVELOPE (oscillates the amplitude between 0 Volt and the assigned value)
    • TIMER - function
  • Large color touch screen display 800 x 480 pixels with graphic capability
  • individual frequency selection
  • External storage media ChipCard for data management
  • Zoom-feature as tool to edit results of a DIRP analysis displayed as a curve
  • Multi signal output port:
    • SINE: Signals 0.01 Hz to 3 MHz, DC-OFFSET
    • SQUARE 1: Signals 0.01 Hz to 100kHz, adjustable amplitude, FULL WAVE
    • SQUARE 2: Signals 0.01 Hz to 100 kHz, adjustable amplitude, DC-OFFSET
    • SMART wave for higher efficiency
    • Extra PowerPort: Amplified signals to drive accessories
  • WIDE output with bandwidth up to 15 MHz
  • Individual library function with up to 460 entries.
  • Built-in EAP-measurement capability as option. The stylus (option) connects to the SENSOR port
  • PowerPort for power applicators


The special wave form SMART combines the main wave with a high frequency for best efficiency.  

The ChipCard makes simple data exchange with F-SCAN COMPACT and MinDevice possible.  

The ChipCard PLUS makes simple and fast data exchange between F-SCAN MOBILE and F-SCAN3 and F-SCAN4 possible.  

OSCA    the new standard 


OSCA is the abbreviation for “Output Signal Control Algorithm”. 


OSCA is a procedure that has been developed by TB-Electronics. This feature is being used to adjust output signal to the application in real time. The very sensitive measuring method of this procedure can measure electrical currents in the micro ampere range and control them according to their waveform and impedance.  


Electrical currents that are generated by frequency generators, comply themselves with the impedance of the “consumer” or “load”. “Load” is what is attached to the output. In this case impedance means that the “load” does not behave linear like an electric resistor but like a combination of resistors and capacitors. Therefore, the “load” is dependent of the frequency and even on the activated waveform. 


In F-SCAN devices of the upper class you can choose between square waves and sine waves and a frequency range of 0.01 Hz up to over 3 MHz. For the frequency-dependent “load” this means, that with e.g. low frequencies the impact could be huge, even though the electrical current flow is low. High frequencies on the other hand could only have a small impact, even though the electrical current flow is high. And adding to all this, it matters what wave form you choose. 


In order for the application to work ideally with an F-SCAN4, OSCA is being introduced for the first time. OSCA can be activated on different levels. You can choose between “OFF”, “SENSITIVE”, “STANDARD” and “HIGH”; depending on the sensitivity of the “load”. 


If OSCA is turned off, the signal strength is — according to the amplitude-setting — activated for all the waveforms. As soon as OSCA is activated, the amplitude is continuously controlled according to the current measurement of the electrical current flow (measured in micro amperes). During application, the measured electrical current as well as the amplitude-settings are displayed in real-time in all the menus of the F-SCAN4.  



The combination of the DIRP (to record the feedback) and the OSCA is unique and it is going to optimize frequency application once more. 



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