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Frequency Synthesizer



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The F-SCAN3 offers high functionality of our product line. It combines functionality with ease and comfort of operation. The large color touch screen display, with an optimized operating routine, offers all functions for frequency applications. A SMART wave frequency can be modulated by a standard frequency to intensify an application. An EAP analysis function is integrated for use by experts as option. An external storage device, the ChipCard, can be used to transfer programs to an F-SCAN COMPACT. The device has an integrated recharcheable battery. The operating time is 4 hours minimum. Charge of battery via USB.

Product highlights
  • Adjustable amplitudes for SQUARE wave signals
  • Scanning with DIRP
  • Individual settings can be assigned to each frequency value used in an application:
    • Amplitude of SQUARE wave signal
    • WOBBLE with individual setting of the band width around the target frequency
    • ENVELOPE (oscillates the amplitude between 0 Volt and the assigned value)
    • TIMER - function
  • Large color touch screen display with graphic capability
  • individual frequency selection
  • External storage media ChipCard for data management
  • Zoom-feature as tool to edit results of a DIRP analysis displayed as a curve
  • Multi signal output port:
    • SINE: Signals 0.01 Hz to 3 MHz, DC-OFFSET
    • SQUARE 1: Signals 0.01 Hz to 100kHz, adjustable amplitude, FULL WAVE
    • SQUARE 2: Signals 0.01 Hz to 100 kHz, adjustable amplitude, DC-OFFSET
    • SMART wave for higher efficiency
    • Extra PowerPort: Amplified signals to drive accessories
  • Individual ibrary function with up to 460 entries.
  • Built-in EAP-measurement capability as option. The stylus (option) connects to the SENSOR port


If required, multi signal output and PowerPort can be used simultaneously.
Program windows selectable from the touch screen display: The main program windows open at the touch of their header. Each offers settings and functions to change, select or start with a touch. It does not take long to learn their use. A detailed instruction manual is shipped with the device. Default values preset at the factory for common applications support a quick start. Solid aluminum enclosure. Dimensions 170mm x 130mm x 25mm.

The special wave form SMART combines the main wave with a high frequency for best efficiency. 


The ChipCard makes simple data exchange with F-SCAN COMPACT and MinDevice possible. 


The ChipCard PLUS makes simple and fast data exchange btween F-SCAN MOBILE and F-SCAN3 possible. 

Shipping list for F‑SCAN3

  • USB charger
  • Stainless steel cylinder electrodes
  • Finger sensor
  • Two sets of gel pad electrodes (sticky pads)
  • Application cable for cylinder electrodes & gel pad electrodes
  • USB cable

Price CHF 4100  (incl. 8% Swiss VAT) 

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F-Scan 3

F-Scan 3 - Removable memory card

F-Scan 3 Touchscreen

F-Scan 3

F-Scan 3 Intuitive user interface

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